This cat has been sedated and lubricated so that rescuers can gently wriggle him free.
The rescue team raced to save this cat after a kind child reported his predicament.

This terrified cat thrashed and screamed loudly in an attempt to free himself from the small space, his situation becoming more desperate as his neck swelled. The rescue team acted fast to sedate the distraught gent, and with the help of generous amounts of lubricant, they managed to gently wriggle him free. After giving him a dose of pain medicine, washing off the lubricant, and cleaning up the minor scratches around his head and neck, the team set off with the sleeping cat to their nearest field office.

When he awoke, his whole world had changed! A day of rest and many happy meows later, the veterinarian sterilized and vaccinated him. Staff knew he was feeling much better after another day’s rest, so they took him back to his village.