Animal Rahat rushed to help a bird who was trapped in a window cage, two stories up.

This photo shows the window cage of a second-floor apartment.

Unable to get inside the apartment, the two rescuers quickly formed another plan: rappelling down the side of the five-story building.

An Animal Rahat worker rappels down a five-story building.

Peering into the cage from the top, the rescuers saw not one but three birds inside. A hole on top may have been how they slipped through, but it was too small for them to get back out. Now, only one of them was still alive.

Dangling above the cage, the rescuers carefully broke the iron bars to reach the exhausted, dehydrated fellow.

One of the rescuers cuts the metal cage open.

After securing the bird—a beautiful hawk called a shikra—the pair made sure to cut a wider hole in the cage so no other animal would endure this nightmare.

The shikra was put inside a carrier to be transported and examined.

Fortunately, the bird was uninjured, and after resting and recovering in the nearest field office, he happily flew high into the sky!

As the carrier door opened, the uninjured bird happily flies away.