One image shows two ponies in a narrow pit. Another shows one of the ponies being lifted out by a crane.
Down they go—Animal Rahat to the rescue!

Digging an 8-foot-deep trench without covering it proved to be a perilous oversight and resulted in two unsuspecting ponies becoming stuck at the bottom of the narrow pit, unable to move. A kind caller to the emergency line urged Animal Rahat rescuers to come quickly, describing how the frightened pair looked up at him plaintively. The team looked the situation over, realized they couldn’t squeeze into the pitthere was absolutely no roomand hired a crane. They gently lifted each frightened animal out. After the on-call veterinarian determined that the animals weren’t injured, he treated them with pain medicine and offered some comforting jaggery to ease their distress. The team released the ponies and contacted the excavating crew, getting them to fill the hole before anyone else suffered the same fate.