This image shows bull calf Bandhan being welcomed to the Animal Rahat sanctuary in Ranapur.
Friends to Animal Rahat, PETA India, came to the rescue of this adorable bull calf and seven little dogs who are now running and jumping with joy in their new homes at Animal Rahat sanctuaries.

Bandhan, a little bull calf, was abandoned to somehow survive the streets on his own. Thank goodness the emergency response team at PETA India found him when they did. Ghastly infections on both of his hind hooves were jam-packed with maggots, so the team treated him and brought him to safety at the Animal Rahat Ranapur sanctuary. The little fellow was lethargic and nervous upon arrival, but the kind and gentle caretakers helped him feel safe and welcomed—and fresh fruit helped, too! Sweethearts Tiger, Jacky, Kalu, Lucy, Pari, Ramya, and Babli were rescued by PETA India from being forced to perform demeaning tricks in a circus. Animal Rahat veterinarians spayed and neutered everyone, and they are thrilled to be able to play how and when they like, leaving behind the fear of someone “barking” commands at them and exploiting their energetic spirits. They love jumping up on things to check out the other, much taller animals at the sanctuary!

This image shows the rescued dogs at the Animal Rahat sanctuary in Sangli.