No one should have to contend with carelessly discarded trash just to find a drop to drink.

When a villager spotted an utterly exhausted dog whose neck was stuck in a shredded plastic container, the man quickly sounded the alarm bells by dialing Animal Rahat’s emergency line.

This dog was found languishing on the side of a road with part of a plastic jar around his neck.

Animal Rahat to the rescue!

The team used a net to catch the dog and sedated him.

The poor dog could hardly move a muscle when the rescue team approached, and as soon as they lowered the net, they sedated him to spare him the fear of not knowing what was happening.

When the dog awoke from his ordeal at a nearby field office, his tail began wagging furiously as he realized he was finally free from the terrible plastic choker. And with plenty of food and water to enjoy, it didn’t take long for his energy to return.

He spent a few days at the office so the veterinarian could sterilize and vaccinate him and the team could clean him up during an affectionate grooming session. After recovering from his trauma, the dog was taken back to his village, where he could be reunited with his worried pack.

You Can Help Village Dogs Safely Quench Their Thirst

Placing inexpensive mud pots filled with water outside your home or in areas where there are dogs can be a huge help to dehydrated animals. The pots will help keep the water cool and are sturdy enough not to tip over. Be sure to keep the water fresh and clean by changing it daily.