Something special is taking place in a former orchard outside Delhi.

Animal Rahat is building a new sanctuary that will offer a peaceful retirement at the end of a hard life for animals who have known nothing but exploitation and abuse since they were first placed under the yoke. Please help with your sponsorship gift today.

Meet Raju

Your support will help change the life of an animal who has never ever before known any comfort—an animal like Raju, a 10-year-old white bullock who was used to haul a heavy wooden cart loaded with lumber from a timber market in Old Delhi.

The streets there are absolutely chaotic. One day, while pulling his loaded cart, Raju was hit by a car. His horn became stuck in the windshield and consequently broke. Broken horns are common among bullocks who are forced to haul heavy carts—such injuries typically occur when a bullock slips and falls on rough roads while pulling the oppressive weight.

Raju was still made to work with that awful pain added to his burden. But now he is at the sanctuary, where he’s under veterinary care and can finally enjoy a life of comfort, kindness, and rest.

After years of toil and tumult, more than two dozen handsome bullocks are now finding friends, relaxing in each other’s company under the shade of mango trees, and enjoying grooming stations and doughnut-shaped, mineral-rich salt licks, which they absolutely adore. Instead of being tied up by the nose at night, barely able to move, they roll in the grass and rest comfortably. They have even started playing!

One look at them and you see how amazed they are to be spared the weight of a heavy yoke, the pain of a whip, and the terror of traffic, which have all been swapped for kind words, gentle touches, and nourishing meals.

A Great Future

These animals have endured wretched lives, but your gift will help provide them with a great future. Watch as the residents enjoy their serene retirement at Animal Rahat’s lush new sanctuary:

Sanctuary Updates

The team has been welcoming animals to the sanctuary, working hard on infrastructure additions, and providing dozens of residents with expert care. Take a look at some of the exciting progress they’re making!

Meet Some of the Sanctuary’s Current Residents

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