Junie and Shakti

Meet Junie …

and Shakti.


These puppies are now safe at Animal Rahat’s home for retired bullocks, and another puppy who was rescued by a Rahat staffer has been adopted by a compassionate villager. They have all been spared the ravages of life on the streets, dodging reckless drivers, scavenging for putrid scraps of food, drinking from oily puddles, and desperately trying to relieve the unrelenting itch of flea bites and mange.

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  • Swetha

    Great work Animal Rahat..! Feel proud of all those who work for this..

  • Riddhi pandey

    Hi, I’m Riddhi…like rahat I’ m not working for animals but me and my family love animals and we always give food to the street dogs and cows..and they are familiar with us…in 2012 in Dec me,my sis and brother saw a puppy like shakti we take him home feed milk to him and made his home sweet home in front of our house…and we gives him food 3 times a day…he never go anywhere else leaving our home, and he always use to sit between our legs…we naned him coco ..we save his life and loves him to but after 4 months he died through an accident…we were very sad and at night we signed him…

  • shaz

    We need more compassionate people like you in this world.