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Wonderful News About Elephant Ram Prasad

You may know the story of Ram Prasad, an elephant who’d been kept in solitary confinement (as shown below) for 23 years at the Pali village temple. For years,...

This Bullock Didn’t Go to the Butcher

2015-12.bullock retired at home in Kharsole village
Look who didn’t go to the butcher! Animal Rahat was able to convince four owners to retire their elderly bullocks, including the handsome one pictured above, and allow them...

Meet the Most Interesting Activist in the World

What do you get when you cross a marathon runner with a “nun” and a “cow”? Saiju Gangadharan, a super–animal activist and possibly the true “Most Interesting Man in...

Ingrid on the Road in India

2015-11.IEN's India trip - stopping ill-matched bullock pair
Now that I have had a chance to settle back in after returning from India and go through all the photos from my trip, I’d like to share a...

An Uplifting Update: Rosy’s Contagious Smile, Camels in Love, and More

2015-11.IEN's India trip - Ingrid and camel Tracy at RBH (3)
During my recent trip to India, there were some pleasant tasks, like presenting a certificate of appreciation to the leader of Wadji village. Wadji is one of the trial...