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Meet a Resident of Animal Rahat’s New Sanctuary: Bullock Gabru

Gabru is almost 20 years old, and he shares a cubicle with two of his friends, Thomas and Khillaria. He likes to be groomed, particularly on the wither and...

Rescued Calf Grooms Himself at Animal Rahat’s New Sanctuary

2016-04.calf Bandya grooming post new sanctuary
Below is a photo taken at our wonderful new sanctuary. As you know, we recently purchased 10 acres to create a new sanctuary so that we can rescue and...

Wounded Bullock Gets TLC and Treatment From Animal Rahat

2016-04.bullock with wound on back (2)
Animal Rahat cared for 409 bullocks like the one above last month. This bullock sustained a large wound on his back when heavy wind caused a large tree branch...

Calf Lakhan’s Future is Now Bright!

2016-05.rescued calf Lakhan licked by dog Rosy at RBH
Animal Rahat recently welcomed several new residents to our Home for Retired Bullocks. After receiving a call about a 2-week-old calf wandering around by himself near Shivthar village, we...

New Residents at the Home for Retired Bullocks Include Circus Rescues

2016-05.female dog Bubbly rescued from Rajkamal circus
Joining the other new residents of our Home for Retired Bullocks are four horses, a pony named Kali (pictured below), and five dogs (including Bubbly, also pictured below)—all performing...