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For These Animals, Work Never Ends

He will work from dawn into the night and sleep on the road or beside his owner’s hut on the ground in all weather, seldom with shade or shelter....

Elephant Sunder Enjoying Life … No Chains, and a New Girlfriend!

Sunder roaming freely inside the corral
Sunder, the elephant who was rescued from a life in chains at a temple in Kolhapur, is now enjoying his life chain-free at Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP). You may recall...

Animal Rahat’s New Sanctuary Is Home Sweet Home for These Bullocks

2016-06.bullock Khillaria at new sanctuary
Above is ever-so-handsome Khillaria enjoying his new environs. All the shade trees have been planted and fitted with protective caging so that the bullocks won’t munch on them—you can...

Bullock Roushya: Social Butterfly and Weather Geek

Roushya relaxing at New Sanctuary
Here’s Roushya at Animal Rahat’s beautiful new sanctuary.  This big boy is a weather geek – when it rains, he does a happy dance! He spends his days hanging...

Brahminy Kite Rescued After Struggling for Days in a Tree

2016-06.rescuing brahminy kite from tree (2)
Among the wildlife we rescued last month was this raptor called a brahminy kite. This magnificent bird had become badly entangled in kite string and was dangling from a...