This image shows two bullocks at a sugar factory hauling sugar cane. Their owner is sitting on top of the large load they are carrying, holding a whip.

The team is on site at many huge sugar factories in Maharashtra, scouring for animals in trouble—and there are a lot of them. They help ease some of the stress for working bullocks like these by confiscating illegal torture devices, displaying signs that warn against overloading, and providing free veterinary care for the animals, who have aching joints and sore necks from the heavy wooden yokes. In the fields where harvesters live and the bullocks are staked out during the sugar season, the team helps owners build temporary sheds so the animals have a place to get out of the burning sun, eat, and lie down. Recently, Animal Rahat met with more than 90 bullock owners to demonstrate better care for the animals, like basic first aid, keeping their water source clean, and grooming to prevent ectoparasites from bothering them and causing rashes.