Meet Henna

This beautiful girl is Henna. Her leg is bandaged because she had a large wound filled with maggots. After spotting her limping with another young horse, a kind man took them to his home. No owner could be found, so Animal Rahat stepped in. Our veterinarians took both horses to the home for retired bullocks. Henna is recovering well, and she and her companion—now named Reshma—will eventually be moved to our sister sanctuary in the Nilgiri Hills, where the soil is better for horses’ legs and hooves.

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  • Beryl Furman

    Please let me know all news from Animal Rahat! I will get some strenght to live on this planet.

  • Beryl Furman

    Unfortunately all my funds go to my home sanctuary where at the moment live 14 rescue animals.

  • Mia

    Thank you Animal Rahat for all your hardwork!!! May God Bless you all!!!

  • Marcia Mueller

    I feel so bad for any animal who is abused and/or neglected. The working animals of the world are particularly at the mercy of mean-spirited and greedy people. I am so grateful for organizations like Animal Rahat for helping get them away from brutal owners and jobs and into a caring sanctuary. There are so many animals in so many places that need help. I just wish I were Bill Gates and had his bank account!