Retired and rescued animals and their caretakers recently enjoyed a fun-filled day at the Animal Rahat sanctuary in Sangli, celebrating the group’s 20th anniversary this year.

Animal Rahat started with a small band of rescuers and one caretaker who was kind enough to provide the land next to his hut so rescued animals had a safe place to live.

The group has since blossomed into three peaceful sanctuaries—in Sangli, Ranapur village, and Gundlupet—that are home to hundreds of rescued animals across three Indian states.

That original caretaker is still with Animal Rahat. His wife sews the colorful blankets that keep sanctuary residents warm during the winter. She even cuts holes to accommodate bullocks’ handsome humps.

Animal Rahat’s rescue work is now spread across five field offices, and the group relies on a team of scouts who ride through the streets looking for animals in need of help.

Animal Rahat rescuers are on call day and night, and the organization frequently holds veterinary workshops and community meetings to help humans become better stewards of the animals around them. The group’s humane education programs have helped inspire thousands of schoolchildren to set a better example for adults, too!

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