Life for a homeless dog in India is bad enough, but now, hundreds of them are at risk of starving after historic recent flooding in Maharashtra. Fortunately, help has arrived! An emergency response team from Animal Rahat is providing food, vaccinations, and veterinary care.

Dogs in Raigad eagerly devour the food that Animal Rahat is providing them.

The team is working to reach each and every hungry dog as quickly as they can, feeding more than 125 each day since arriving. In addition, they’re also treating the dogs for mange and providing any other treatments they may need during this traumatic time.

Spay/neuter surgeries to address the root causes of homelessness are part of the team’s vital relief work, too. Animal Rahat’s veterinarian is not only performing these life-changing surgeries but also training government veterinarians in the area to set up high-volume clinics to end animal homelessness in Raigad.

An Animal Rahat veterinarian sterilizes a dog in Raigad.

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