A kind person in Solapur recently spotted a dog who had gotten his head stuck in a plastic jug—likely in an attempt to find food or water. The poor dog’s situation had gone from bad to worse! But the man called Animal Rahat, and a rescue team leapt into action.

A dog has a plastic jug stuck on his head—likely from an attempt to find food or water.

Upon arriving, the first Animal Rahat staffer on the scene could see that a small hole in the side of the jug enabled the dog to breathe. So while additional help was on the way, the staffer made sure the dog wasn’t bothered by humans or other dogs.

An Animal Rahat ambulance soon arrived. The veterinarian quickly sedated the dog, removed the jug, and crushed it so that no other animals would be at risk.

An Animal Rahat staff member catches and sedates the dog to remove the jug from his head.

The team then took the dog to their clinic for a full examination and found that he was already a client of theirs: He had been neutered by the group! The staff vaccinated him and gave him a safe space to rest from his traumatic experience, and he happily accepted food, water, and a calming, gentle grooming. After two days with the staff, he was released into his own neighborhood to rejoin other community dogs there.

After being vaccinated and getting a couple of days of rest, this lucky dog was released back into his community.