At this year’s Chinchali Fair—an annual goddess festival—the Animal Rahat team gave food, water, rest, and medical care to animals who were forced to carry their owners’ families to the festivities. The journey is a grueling marathon that can be more than 230 miles round-trip.

Animal Rahat continued its practice of providing financial assistance to help cover the cost of buses to the fair so that attendees could leave their animals at home.

Chinchali Fair attendees were grateful to have buses—which are much more comfortable than carts—for their trip to the festival.

Animal Rahat knows that offering assistance like this makes a big difference for animals, because in addition to the 33 buses that the organization directly subsidized this year, an additional 25 vehicles were entirely paid for by bullock owners the group had financially assisted in the past. Another 45 vehicles were hired by community members who had been inspired by Animal Rahat’s awareness efforts, including community meetings and informational street performances.

As a result, more than 2,900 bullocks were spared the journey to and from the Chinchali Fair, thanks to the persistence and dedication of Animal Rahat—and the support of compassionate people like you.

But Animal Rahat didn’t stop there. It also operated four camps where thousands of bullocks and hundreds of ponies were able to rest, get something to eat and drink, and receive medical treatment if necessary. And it set up poster galleries with information about properly caring for working animals.

An Animal Rahat veterinarian bandages a wounded bullock.

Animal Rahat also worked with local authorities to confiscate whips, spiked bits, and other illegal torture devices.

These are only some of the many torture devices confiscated during the Chinchali Fair this year.

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