Ponies Geeta, Babita, and Sita eat fresh grass at the Animal Rahat sanctuary in Sangli.
Love heals all after this trio was welcomed to the Sangli sanctuary.

These three beautiful ponies were seriously hurt as a result of pure human greed. Their owner didn’t want them to be disqualified from racing by getting pregnant, so he stapled their vulvas shut with copper wire, making basic needs like urination extremely painful.

These are the copper staples Animal Rahat removed from one of the pony's' vulvas.

When the rescue team discovered these unfortunate ponies, it alerted the police. Animal Rahat veterinarians carefully removed the wires, and these girls’ healing began. These bright stars were a little shy when welcomed to the Sangli sanctuary, but eventually, the peaceful life and caretakers’ loving efforts to assure them that no one would ever hurt them again have them shining.