Poornima is a beautiful girl! Her mother, Meera, recently gave birth to this precious calf at the Ranapur sanctuary.

Cow Meera cleans off her newborn calf, Poornima.

Meera was rescued after the Animal Rahat team found her pregnant and suffering from horn cancer. The group’s veterinarians amputated her horn, giving her a new lease on life so that Poornima can be raised under her mother’s watchful eye.

And another gorgeous girl was born! Jwala—a pony Animal Rahat rescued in March who was being forced to haul a tonga in the cruel cart trade in Miraj—has given birth to a healthy foal the Sangli sanctuary staff named Janaki.

Jwala and Janaki bond at the Sangli sanctuary.

Let’s give three cheers for the new mothers, who will get to nurture and care for their young, thanks to the kind experts at Animal Rahat.