Children from two orphanages in Maharashtra were overjoyed to learn that they would meet the animals at Animal Rahat’s Sangli sanctuary!

The children pose for a photo to commemorate this special day.

In two separate visits, a total of 60 students and their teachers started the day in the sanctuary classroom, eager to learn all they could about animals.

Students listen closely as an Animal Rahat staff member explains that animals have complex feelings just like their own.

They listened intently to stories of how the animal residents were rescued, and they learned why it’s wrong to force bullocks, horses, donkeys, camels, and others to perform in circuses or to haul goods and passengers. A delightful video that highlights the complex thoughts and feelings of bulls, “A Bull’s Life,” was enjoyed by all. The children discovered they’re not all that different from other animalsand that everyone deserves love and respect.

Julie, a longtime canine sanctuary resident who was once an orphan like many of the other animals there, joined the group while looking for affection and a cozy spot for a nap.

Rescued dog Julie snuggles up to the students, who offer her gentle rubs and pats.

Enthusiastic chatter filled the room as students enjoyed a delicious vegan lunch. Soon afterward, they were off to the sanctuary roundhouse to view the animals running and playing together.

Knowing that they, too, enjoy an occasional treat, the students extended their arms with sweet jaggery and fresh fruits when caretakers brought some of the animals into the roundhouse to meet them.

Students show the animals their affection by offering some favorite sweet treats.

Before it was time to say goodbye, the children took an oath to always be kind to animals.

Students pledge that they will always be kind to all animals.]

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