Danger! In a flash, the ground disappeared beneath a monitor lizard’s feet as he was racing along what had seemed like a normal field, sending him careening 65 feet down, down, down, to the bottom of a well.

A monitor lizard sits trapped on the rocks in a deep well after falling into the water below.

His sharp, sensitive eyes darted around the well, looking for a way out. But with no possible escape, he climbed out of the water and onto a ledge for safety. A kind passerby spotted him there and, a day later, realized that he could call Animal Rahat’s emergency line to get help for the stranded lizard.

Animal Rahat’s rescue team lowers a net into the water to catch the monitor lizard and hoist him out of the well.

As the rescuers slowly lowered their net into the well, the lizard dove into the water, swimming back and forth, frantic to elude capture. But the team knew just the right technique and scooped him up.

Luckily, the long tumble hadn’t injured him, so the team released him safely, far away from the well. Saved!

Animal Rahat releases the monitor lizard after determining that he hadn’t sustained any injuries.