Camel Bahadur is being welcomed to the Animal Rahat sanctuary in Sangli with a plate of fruit and an edible flower garland.
PETA India rescued this grateful fellow from circus life.

Bahadhur came to Animal Rahat along with a pony, three dogs, a goat, and a baby bonnet macaque. All were rescued from the Karur Latha Circus by PETA India with the help of local authorities. Soon afterward, the group’s vets removed Bahadur’s painful nose pegs—wooden plugs threaded through his nostrils—and cleaned the maggots from his festering wounds. He has adjusted beautifully to his new home and is being lovingly cared for. He’s already made a best friend in camel Samarth, whom the rescue team saved after he was chased by a mob of children wielding sticks. Welcome home, sweet Bahadur!