This young pigeon, almost ready to fly, was saved, thanks to Animal Rahat and some kind children who knew exactly whom to call for help.

This little pigeon needed help learning to fly.

Animal Rahat’s chief operating officer, Dr. Naresh Upreti, has a reputation among the neighborhood children: He’s the kind man they call on when they see an animal in trouble. So, when the children noticed a small pigeon who wasn’t flying away when they got a little too close with their football game, they came to Dr. Naresh for help.

Children playing football rushed to alert Dr. Naresh when this young pigeon wasn’t flying away.

He found no external injuries on the little bird, so he put her on his balcony to rest and gave her a dose of multivitamins. The next day, he took her to a large field, but she wasn’t going anywhere.

On day three, progress became apparent: She took flight long enough to land on someone’s shoulders, and after a few more shoulder hops, off she flew onto a nearby building, where she paused for a few moments to look at the team before flying away with other pigeons. Saved!

The pigeon used a team member’s shoulders to help her gain the confidence to fly.