Electric Shock Stuns Beautiful Crow

The Animal Rahat rescue team rushed to help this gorgeous crow after an electrical shock left her too stunned to fly. She had fallen to the ground from the roof of a villager’s house, so he called us for help. After gently gathering her in a soft cloth, the team rushed her back to the office.

Animal Rahat’s rescue team scoops up the bird in a soft cloth to take her back to the office for care.
The crow loudly expressed her alarm, so they made a quiet, dark space for her in a large cage and gave her a dose of multivitamins. Over the course of a week in Animal Rahat’s care, she recovered from her ordeal and became more and more active.

When she was ready to be released, staff took her to a large open area, and she swiftly flew away!

After recovering from her ordeal, the beautiful crow flies away.