Animal Rahat recently held a training for staff on safe rappelling, so when the forestry department asked the group to help rescue a jackal who was stuck in a 50-foot-deep well, it was well prepared to help!

An Animal Rahat team member rappels into the deep well to rescue the jackal.

A jackal was trapped in a deep well overnight with no way to escape on his own, but he wasn’t about to give up!

As one of the rescuers climbed down to the bottom, the jackal leapt into the water and swam away while warily keeping one eye on the rescuer attempting to catch him with a net. But Animal Rahat prevailed, and once the jackal was caught and brought up to safety, the veterinarian determined that he hadn’t sustained any injuries, despite taking such a terrible tumble.

The jackal is safely aboveground.

The jackal was carefully transported far away from the well, and the moment the cage door opened, he bolted to freedom.