Meet Sunder, Animal Rahat’s New Elephant Patient

As you may know, Animal Rahat veterinarians have been treating two sorely neglected elephants: Ram Prasad, who belongs to some stubborn and insensitive temple trustees and is used for ceremonial purposes, and Gajraj, an older tusker. As of last month, thanks to the team’s diligence, they have now taken on a new elephant patient named Sunder, a very sad case indeed.

Sunder is 13 years old, a young juvenile boy, and has spent the past six years chained inside a dismal shed at a temple in Kolhapur. His previous mahout (handler) grossly abused him, and Sunder bears the scars to prove it. He now has a new mahout, with whom the Animal Rahat vets have made it a top priority to try to develop a good rapport, but the mahout, believe it or not, is afraid of Sunder and has never taken him off the chains, not even for a walk.

The temple authorities resisted giving the Rahat team access to Sunder, but they were able to succeed through a combination of Dr. Sudheesh’s impressive military credentials and because one of Animal Rahat’s ambulance drivers is related to a priest in the temple. It’s all who you know!

After examining Sunder, Rahat’s vets determined that he was anemic and dehydrated and has proptosis (bulging) of one of his eyes, probably because of head trauma, most likely from being severely beaten for being mischievous as a youngster. Thanks to the support of caring people like you, there is hope for the first time ever for Sunder, and time is of the essence. If Animal Rahat does not get him proper care now, he will suffer unimaginably when he goes into musth (breeding rage). Vets have embarked on a solid plan to improve Sunder’s living conditions—the immediate priorities are to get him out of his dark and damp enclosure, establish a decent watering system, get the mahout to walk him daily, and improve the amount and quality of his food. What Animal Rahat will ultimately try to do is get him away from there, but that mountain is a high one to climb.

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  • renu

    It was really disheartening to hear about sunder being kept captive ina dark room and chained all the time …… just cant imagine a life like that for anyone.. i really wish animal rahat succeeds in getting him away from the temple ..

  • lesley ish

    Is there anybody I can write to and perhaps get others people to write to to get this elephant freed.?

    Wh owns the elephant and who owns the temple – can we not put pressure on his owners to release him to an elephant reserve?

    • Brandi

      There is an Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

  • Liliana Cervini

    Please, help Sunder quickly, don’t wait anymore.

  • mary arthur

    Please love him and help him. None else has.

  • Nemisha

    Please post the latest updates regarding Sunder. How is he? Has he been rescued from his pathetic living conditions? How far along are Animal Rahat in their plan?

  • bibi skripec

    Why cant finally the human being understand that we cant treat animals like our slaves.
    Fur, met, entertainment. This is not right. Animals have feelings. Feel joy, pain and
    suffer like us. I cant understand this how the human being (not all) dont care about animals.
    They only care what is on there plate. This must stop but when….poor animals around the world…a child can speek…but an animal cant never complain….that is the difference. That is why it is important to support the animal organisations like PETA.

  • Sailaja

    Please keep us posted about Sunder’s condition. It’s really sad to know that such a miserable treatment was handed out to a noble animal like this.

  • Jacqueline Genova

    It is such a sad story and I hope that poor Sunder finds his way to the reserve and out of the cruel environment that he is experiencine.



  • J. Wolski

    Are tourists and visitors to the temple aware that SUNDER is being abused by the temple? If I knew that I would not want to go to that temple for any reason. Please keep exposing the temple and its systematic torture of SUNDER. If enough people find out than maybe it will decrease the temple’s financial bottom line…that seems to be the only way to secure SUNDER’S release from the TEMPLE OF TERROR. There is no excuse as there are people ready and willing to take him to a sanctuary. You cannot appeal to their moral code as they do not have one so appeal to their financial bottom line.

  • Martina

    Ayudemos a este pobre elefante a recuperar una vida digna. No podemos quedarnos de brazos cruzados.

  • linda

    After reading Sunder’s distressing story I am delighted that progress is being
    made to improve his life by Animal Rahat but his emotional scars will be deep
    I feel that his only hope of rehabilitation would be a complete change of environment
    and integration with other elephants in a sanctuary where he can roam free. I agree with
    J. Wolski that tourists should not visit these temples where elephants are being abused
    and the abusers should be put on trial for the horrors which have been inflicted.

  • Barry Kybird

    Are elephants ram pasad and gajraj also being placed in a sanctuary ? Surely they cannot be left in the same situation as sunder enduring the same physical and mental torture every day !!

    Anymore information on them all ?

    • Ellen

      Hi Barry, I guess we will have to follow up and see what happens. I am glad Paul McCartney brought this to the world’s attention but we don’t have his connections. At least many more of us are aware now about how these temple elephants are treated.

  • Ellen

    Thank you for the article. I am so saddened to think that an animal would be treated like that at a temple. Thank you Mr. McCartney.

  • Barry Kybird

    When WILL I be able to hear that dear Sunder is in the sanctuary ?

    There doesnt seem to be any confirmation of this yet ?

  • Barry Kybird

    Received the ewes from PETA uk and PETA India that influential local temple people still refuse to allow Sunder to go to a sanctuary !. A ministerial order was given to free him, how can this be overridden by these people that keep him in spiked chains, hardly able to move or ever lie down !
    I hope Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson know about this latest news and are able to effect his release ?

  • Lyn Flanders

    Dreadful dreadful life for this poor soul so far! I am a supporter of Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand where the elephants have a WONDERFUL LIFE! opposite of this poor boy!! PLEASE HELP HIM! This is TORTURE!!

  • Brunila De SOuza

    Please save Sunder. May Lord Buddha send his heavenly help and help PETA and ANIMAL Rahat to help release Sunder and provide him a decent life. All religious institutions should be banned from keeping elephants as they ill treat them.

    Brunila Goa India
    1-10-2013 3 pm.

  • Dorothy Beechers

    This poor elephants life at the hands of abusive mahouts/keepers, is disgusting.
    Sunder was give to this temple, as i thought a symbol of the religion and culture of India.
    But no sadly all this poor inocent elephant has had to endure is a life of sadistic abuse.

    Please Animal Rahat get Sunder out of there, as soon as possible.

  • Brunila D Souza

    Please save SUnder. Elephants should not be kept by Temple authorities since they ill treat them

  • Kristel Carol Mercado

    How ironic. The temple people should stopped this cruelty why didn’t they do anything? For 6 years chained and beaten? Wow I can’t even imagine how to live like that. Surely Sunder would be more than happy to die. How can humans treat these gentle animals so cruelly?

  • ann naumann

    Please free this beautiful soul! He has suffered enough and we need to show him that not all humans are abusive…………..

  • Renee Miranda

    I’m so angry at how Sunder has been treated, and as much as I try to understand I can’t. I can’t understand why she/he is being abused and hit over and over again. How can that person live with themselves knowing what they are doing. This is a very special animal and needs love and care from someone that want’s her recovery to be first and foremost. The person beating him/her needs to go to jail. I know that laws are different in other countries, but he still needs to go to jail for the abuse. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BEAT AND ABUSE ANY ANIMALS…AND THAT MEANS NO ONE. Please do something now, bring her/him to USA. I know it would be costly but we can raise the money if we want to..and I would defiantly help. Now I’m crying, because it is so painful for me to see this video…Sunder must be freed! PLEASE DO SOMETHING NOW…

  • Nicola Fowler

    Haven’t stopped having anxiety about this elephant for the last 2 days (when I 1st read about him) What can we do seriously because although I have signed a petition in all honesty what will that do really. Action needs to be taken because every day you take trying to decide how to help that poor animal is spending another 24 hours in hell :( I honestly don’t see why the elephant can’t just be taken and put some where it can be happy. I wish I had money because I would be on the next plane out there, or a celebrity because if you can get celebrities to highlight this and get it into the media more than maybe something will be done quicker, seriously what can I do to help because I literally can’t sleep at night atm because it’s all I think about xx

  • Subrata Roy

    It is the human who can do anything with other’s life only. I think the word ‘ inhuman ‘ is remain in dictionary only . Please release him .

  • Susheer

    It’s really sad to see the plight of the dear elephant Sunder and his sufferrings all these 6 years. What is the point in running a temple when it’s very own elephant is ill treated and tortured. I pray god to get Sunder freed from the clutches of his torturers and to punish those who are involved in torturing the poor animal.

  • elizabeth peters

    WHEN IS HE MOVING???????????????????

  • swati

    After reading that animal Rahat team is looking after,I am slightly at peace otherwise I can’t eat our sleep worrying about sunders out come on 23 Dec. Plz get him out of these chains, give him love which he did not get, giv his mahout good remuneration so that he works well. Free sunder plz…..why should he be dehydrated. Even basic Care has been denied to him. So called temple authorities, why did they not stop his abuse. His caretakers should be punished. This is India, land of Ganesha

  • Gillian Gorfil

    High time no elephants were kept in captivity. Shame on India for allowing this disgraceful case of abuse. Send Sunder to a life of freedom and comfort in a sanctuary now.

  • Lisa Gibbs

    Sunder has waited over a year. He is now down on the ground still being beaten and not fed nor cared for in dark cell. come on People show some compassion. We the people need to raise the bar on what is acceptable. 24/7 chained in one spot with no daylight and poor nutrition beaten and now he has to wait. Wait for what? His ultimate retreat to death?In what world can this be acceptable? culture religion no matter .Decency and humanity towards all living things. someone has to recue him time is not his friend

  • Richa Garg

    Please confirm the location of Sunder. I am very concerned on his health. Also advise what we need to do to support the cause.

  • Jaime

    It brings me to tears when reading any abuse on a animal. It’s all from the hands of humans. It’s an outrage and disgusting . I keep hearing they are freeing sunder but nothing has happened yet. Every second wasted is another day of abuse for this poor elephant. He deserves to be in a sanctuary and have a normal life. Not a life of abuse and be used for entertainment!!

  • Valerie

    This is not right, this is not acceptable. Animals do not need to be starved, beaten or abused. How can we help? Who can we contact to stop the abuse? Are people not aware that the way things are going elephants will be extinct? Help us and guide us on to whom we can contact to keep up pressure on this abuse. This animal does not deserve to be punished repeatedly. Can not the animal be sent to somewhere that he would flourish? Perhaps a childrens hospital where they can love the animal.. Surely there is a much better home for Sunder.

  • Pamela Kaczynski

    I have never met Sunder but I love him and want the very best for him.It is terrible that his last mahout abused him so terribly that his new mahout is scared of him. If you treat an elephant with compassion and respect the elephant will know that and cooperate with his mahout.Animal Rahat must CONTINUE giving him proper care. Animal Rahat MUST get him out of there no matter how high the mountain. Of all the abused elephants out there Sunder has a special place in my heart because he was all alone being abused so badly. You must get the new mahout to not be afraid of Sunder. He must get out of his chains ,walked daily,and get the medical treatment he deserves. Also use a reward system with him…he does something good…give him his favorite food…whatever that may be. If elephants are treated humanely they WILL co-operate. I pray for you every day Sunder and hope you get moved to the Sanctuary in Bangalore as soon as possible.

  • Deborah McArdle

    Sunder needs to be placed in the habitat in Bangalore right away. Please no more stalling to get this beautiful animal out of his misery. This is unbearable!

  • Nanette Valencia

    These cowards who beat a chained animal don’t deseve to have him. They only bring suffering and that is no way for an animal to live. These people are incredibly stupid. I pray that the right and moral thing is done to help this beautiful animal.

  • Sylvia Browning

    Lord have mercy on Sunder. Let him be freed and cared for!
    Bring cruel owners to justice.

  • Christi Lewing

    Thank God something is being done. We are all God’s creatures and someone will pay dearly for his abuse. With tears abundant I pray for Sunder. I can’t seem to think of anythong else.

  • Jeni

    He needs to be in a proper sanctuary, with space to roam, good veterinary care and other elephants to bond with. Same for any other elephants being similarly abused. The abusers should be caught and punished.


    Please release this poor young elephant before even more damage is done and well before he goes into musth. Please the world is watching, please!

  • joy hamilton

    please please free sunder please please please free sunder

  • carol foley

    Please help this tortured little soul. He is one of GODS creatures and was not put on earth to be treated this way, or to be a slave to the temple. If they believe in God they would not treat him and torture him like they do anyway. Please help him.

  • Lisa DeMetz

    PLEASE move Sunder to a sanctuary!!! He does not deserve what these monsters are doing to him!!! How are these monsters getting away with not honoring Court Orders???!!! This beautiful defenseless innocent elephant should have the life he deserve – roaming the free land the way God intended!!!

  • Mai

    Isn’t Temple supposed to be God’s home where every God creation souls should feel safe & peaceful? Being ir human or animals?? Sunder should be transported out from India where he will be treated with love & care. Those involved in making this boy suffer for 6 years should be punished as a warning to them & also others!!

  • Sylvia

    Please free this inocent baby from his cruel jail warden.

  • Pamela Miller

    I know there are many people and organizations trying to help Sunder. I want to do anything I can to help also.I have signed all the petitions I have seen to have him released as ordered by the proper authorities. I am only one individual living in the US, but if I can write to anyone or any organization or call or email please just tell me who and I will. I know there are other elephants who suffer also, but Sunder has captured my heart. I cry thinking of his torment. Knowing he should be safe and yet will not be released makes it even worse. Anyone with suggestions please get back to me.

  • Linda macdonald

    Please set sunder free from this brutality

    I’ve just learned of this horrific abuse of Sumder my heart breaks.
    I’m praying for his release. Please listen to the people pleas

    • Linda macdonald

      I’m sorry I have a typo on my comment Sunder of

  • Marie Hill

    with all this proof and great supporters, Sunder has hope i believe he will finally get to be an elephant and bath and roam and be with other elephants an elephant never forgets and he knows people are there to help they are very smart

  • Marie Hill

    with all this proof and great supporters, Sunder has hope i believe he will finally get to be an elephant and bath and roam and be with other elephants . elephant never forgets and he knows people are there to help they are very smart , Sunder has a spot in .. heart and i would love to go visit him when h gets to his sanctuary… think positive….that can be the only outcome. Freedom and happiness.. no more pain an fear

  • Carol Foley

    Dear Sir, I am writing on behalf of Sudar the elephant and his cruel treatment.I beg you to release him, he needs to be free. He is one of Gods creatures and you cannot allow this cruel treatment to go on. Please release him.m

  • Sherry Hasha

    Please let this majestic animal move on to freedom!! No animal should be beaten and abused!!! I implore you to give him the freedom he deserves so much, Thank you!!!!

  • Sandra Trommer

    I was shocked and in disbelief to hear the plight of this poor elephant, something must be done to help Sunder NOW!!!

  • Sandra Hannum

    What else can we do to help? We read and sign petitions but it doesn’t seem to be working. :-(

  • Trish

    Tell us what we can do!

  • Hope Peterson

    Its March 26th 2014 and I just read a story on Yahoo news that Sundar is still in the same horrible place – WHY??? I thought Paul McCartney was going to see that this elephant gets moved to a better place with a better care taker!! I’m mad!! Please take action ASAP and get him out of there

  • Dee

    I am sick reading this article and I hope it does not stop here with just supplying us with information. Will this elephant and other elephants be rescued, and if so, what is the current status?
    What can we do to help? I hope the animal organizations I contribute to are involved and don’t drop the ball.

  • paulette

    I just read about Sunder, the abused elephant, you saw on your trip to India in 2012. You wanted to help by placing Sunder in a sanctuary. I just read that never happened. Instead, Sunder is still being mistreated and is now chained in a chicken shack and beaten. Sunder has no shelter from the heat or cold and is unable to lie down. I’m sure you meant to follow through and that this will be a horrendous omission to you but I know you can do something about it now. It’s never too late, and it’s just so sad.

  • Judy Genandt

    Please, more information about this poor abused animal. Who can we contact to demand a release from these horrific conditions and give Sunder a new life?

  • Larissa7

    Please, please, please help Sunder.

  • Kevin Price

    Please free this poor creature…no person or animal deserves this kind of treatment!

  • Ramsey Llewellyn

    It is unbelievable that a human person could mistreat an animal like this. I wish someone with enough money to buy this poorly treated elephant would buy him and have him transferred to an animal sanctuary. Maybe PETA could start an online campaign for funds to do this. The appropriate authorities in India should also be notified again and the elephants owner should be thrown in jail.

  • Angela

    I read this yesterday and it has been on my heart ever since!!!!! What can WE do NOW to help poor Sunder? This is just unbelievable!!! I agree with one of the other comments, is there not SOMEONE we can right to, petition to, etc. to get this moving NOW!!!! This poor elephant deserves so much more!!!! Please let us know NOW!!!!

  • Melissa


  • Pt

    Can we take off some of the chains so he can lay down. Sheesh.

  • Cathy

    Please give this poor animal freedom and kindness that he deserves. Hope to see an update fast. Enough already !

  • ja’net

    never in my life would i sit blindly by and watch or have information to any of Gods creations to be neglected or abused,wth is wrong with people!God tells us that he created all creatures great and small with love,and expects us as the higher so called intelligent ones to care for any animal we take claim of they are to be fed watered see the sunlight feel loved,how anyone can condone these abusive actions at the owners hands is a free trip to hell,and may God forgive them all come judgement day.Surely there is something or someone whom can intervene on this poor sad creature,I mean I donate every month for the survival and care for homeless and abuse animals,someone needs to step up to the plate here and rescue this animal and set him free.may God forgive all of you.SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Pt

    A bulging eye from being beaten-really.someone should beat that handler!!!!!

  • Diana

    happy to hear sunder in good hands now… so sad to know what happened to sunder before

  • Howard

    The people of India are animals. PETA INDIA should have fixed this problem but the goverment is a dumb 3rd world group of animals. If I was down the street I would burn that temple to the ground and shoot all those animal abusers! WAKE UP INDIA and fix your dirty laundry!

  • Gwen Pursell

    Please, please, please, help Sunder!

  • Kevin Haskins

    This elephant must live a normal life as we all wish to live. The cruelty must stop and all people of this world must pull together make this happen. This animal needs us.

  • El Cambridge

    He was severely beaten and it caused a head trauma because he was mischevious as a youngster? That’s abuse. As of December 2013, there is video footage of Sunder being chained with spikes so he can’t move, he is beaten repeatedly until he cries out in pain, he is emaciated. Is this how you are helping him? You say that his mahout is afraid of him. Well, on Youtube there is a picture of his mahout beating him with a pole while Sunder lies on the ground and writhes and cries out in pain. The perpetrators of the abuse – Hayder, Vinay Kore and the Joytiba Temple are in violation of the Animal Welfare Act 1972 – and therefore should be prosecuted under the Act. What Sunder needs is to get away from all of you for you are the cause of his misery. Release him to the sanctuary.

    In 2012 Sir Paul McCartney made agreements with Maharashtra State’s forest department and Project Elephant,to move an elephant by the name of Sunder to a sanctuary after Sunder had been repeatedly beaten and mistreated in one of Maharashtra’s holy temples for six years. The agreement was not kept. Instead, Vinay Kore, a local member of the legislative assembly, who gave Sunder to the temple had him transferred to a dirty chicken shed where he continues to be chained and beaten.

    Although in January, 2014 both Minister Kadam and the High Court of Bombay have ordered that Sunder be transferred to a sanctuary, Sunder still remains in the hands of his abusers who chain him so he can’t walk beat him with a thick wooden pole as he writhes and cries out in pain. Officials are in disobedience to this ruling indicating they have no respect for the laws of India only their own. There is documentation to prove that Sunder is being starved and beaten.

    This is a dirty stain upon India’s reputation in the world. I have seen a film where elephants are kept in sheds by beggars and are starved and mistreated
    while beggars use them to get money from tourists. Elephants are icons of India. You have a god who has the head of an elephant. This god has been shamed by the actions of the people who abuse him and deceive the courts. They have shamed India in their treatment of Sunder and other elephants. People go to India to see the elephants. They are ashamed to go and witness the cruelty against these gentle creatures.

    I will boycott India and all Indian products in my country and encourage others to do the same until Sunder is released to the sanctuary where he is able to live out his live in peace and safety and the people who tortured him and lied to the courts to keep him in chains are brought to justice.

  • T.Baldwin

    This is the saddest story that I have ever read. Sunder has to be helped!! To be chained like the story reads is just horrible!! Please do whatever it takes to give him a life back before he dies!!

  • Jo Smith

    Shocking, shocking story. Brings shame on India and the Hindu religion. Release him NOW.

  • victoria

    Where is SUNDER?
    News reports say he is being kept chained up outside a politicians hut.
    29th March 2014.

  • Marie

    Free website will be up soon. I am going to raise money to purchase Sunder and place him in a sanctuary. The good people of this world can free Sunder. I am a simple person, not a star but I cannot stand by and do nothing.

  • read

    Thank you for caring!

  • marie riley

    So WHAT has Rahat done in the last 2 years , since Sunder is living under ever more appalling conditions since its intervention? A video on line shows him being chained so that he cannot sleep and being severely beaten. NOW. This is March 2014!

  • Michie

    I read article about Sunder, the elephant on Yahoo News, 28 March, 2014 and saw a video how he was cruelly abused by barbaric handlers who hit him such a force with a big stick that gave me a sleepless night. It is so sad to hear that Sir Paul McCartney protested to release the animal, however after more than one year; the abuse seems to be the same. Aren’t there any professional volunteers who can help to train rather the handlers than Sunder? Aren’t there any handlers who can train the animals with love as well? It is said that Sunder is stubborn. Who would like to listen to the handlers after he had been mistreated with misery so many years at the first temple? Need time to heal but what he received was more abuse. It is natural that trust cannot be established between Sunder and the handlers. Then this horrible local politician, Vinay Kore is a coward to comment to the world criticism. I hope there are many righteous Hindu people who can be any help to alleviate that misery not only Sunder, but all other elephants kept in temples.
    Hope Sir McCartney hears updated information from time to time about Sunder and he can perhaps sponsor for volunteer trainees to be send from such as Tusk Foundation? I understand he is rich enough to sponsors Sumo Wrestling.

  • Danielle

    Please help Sunder! This is so heartbreaking. Please, something must be done, and soon for this poor creature. Hare Krishna

  • Amalia Wasserman

    Please get Sunder into decent and healthy living conditions as soon possible.

  • smr622

    This article is two years old. What has your organization done recently for the three elephants? Sunder’s tragic story is being published by the media right now. Unfortunately, his situation is deplorable. He needs to be moved to a sanctuary immediately. I have tweeted to several animal loving celebrities about Sunder and his suffering. PLEASE SHARE AND HELP!!! We cannot allow Sunder, Ram Prasad, Gajraj and many more to continue suffering such agony. They deserve peaceful life.

  • eaga

    This is unacceptable that he is still in that horriffic place. PPl need to do something NOW. He deserves a better life

  • HIT

    Anger & raged is what I feel. Since learning about Sunder he is in my thoughts & prayers daily. Through out the day I mention him to people & ask them to help. His abusers need punishment. Can’t imagine what the point is to abuse this elephant or any other animal. The damage physically, psychologically, emotionally, & so on….I hope that if he gets to a sanctuary that he can rehabilitate. Over 2500 days in that kind of situation, would love to see his abusers suffer like he has for that many days. FREE SUNDER!!!!!!!



  • queenie costax

    We need for all to contact their local I ndian embassy to free Sunder. I have boycotted my trip to india this summer due to the disgrace that India has for its elephants.

  • Leah

    Please help this poor thing. No creature deserves to suffer like this. Just makes me so sad. I want to help!?

  • Holly Brookman

    Help Sunder!!!!! He deserves love and patience

  • Indra

    I would like you to release the elephant immediately and put him to live on a sanctuary with other elephants
    If the temple needs him, they can call him for religious and cultural events and so on

  • JoAnn Donato

    Sign every petition, tweet to celebrities, write the embassy, do whatever you can..Go to Free Sunder FB page and see what you can do. We need to get him out of these deplorable conditions and into a safe sanctuary where he can be cared for properly. This is no way to treat any animal. It is inhumane, cruel, barbaric and a disgrace. WE need to all do whatever we can…FREE SUNDER…

  • Jennifer Baker

    God bless this helpless mammal. He deserves a life in nature, unchained. He has suffered enough…please help him get away from the heartless people who would do this to such a majestic creature. Bless Sunder, in Jesus Christ’s Holy name, I pray for Sunder’s freedom.

  • David P. French

    I pray for Sunder every night. Why can’t Buffet, Gates or Zuckerberg, step up to the plate and save this noble beast. Elephants are sensitive and social and they grieve. This is so sad.

  • laurel mancini

    Ganesha does not like his fellow creatures to be mistreated. Of course Sunder was mischievous as a child – all children can be. But that does not call for beating, which teaches nothing. Hand signals and verbal commands are much better. If one must have an elephant. Otherwise, leave it alone.


    His owner should be brought to justice on animal abuse and giving Indian Hindus a Bad Name in the U.S and world. Shame on such low person. You guys with India Peta should have a YOUTUBE COMMERCIAL CHANNEL OPEN to do a Video clips and updates on these animal abuses.

    Dallas,TEXAS USA

  • Fran MacLain

    Please go on line and get all the email addresses of the people who can help. I google has Sunder been freed and find email address for the law enforcement agency and the sanctuary that is suppposed to take Sunder. I read the other day that it will take 2-4 weeks to remove Sunder…. that is unacceptable – we went to the moon in 3 days, why can’t we move Sunder immediately.
    Google the names of the people who can help facilitate Sunders freedom and keep emailing until Sunder is free. I also emailed the India embassy in Washington D.C. and asked for their help. Keep sending emails until we see Sunder in the sanctuary.
    I also requested that someone be placed with Sunder 24/7 to keep him from continual abuse.Until Sunder is in the sanctuary and free from his tormentors we have not completed our mission to have him freed.

  • kunal kumar

    This is is brutal behaviour. I cant believe that any human can behave like that with an animal Plz make sure that these people should be punished properly. Please help sunder,, treat him properly and love him.

  • Zee100


  • julia

    how can we free this poor elephant and help him?! please let us know!

  • Lsa Griffin

    I hope this is truth. Im ready to fly there, I am vet tech if u need me my free services please contact me..why is he in chains??? Ive worked with elephants they do not need them not even a bull in heat. Why is he not at sanctuary Head trauma? Then press charges I will start petition..seeing there is a live video..or eye for an eye..tusk for tusk

  • Lsa Griffin

    2 years ago and he is still in abusers hands. Get your shit together get him to a sanctuary..HEAD TRAUMA?? Why is the man on video (live video) not behind bars? I will a start a petition this bullshit

  • suz

    This just keeps dragging on and on. That poor elephant! What they’ve done to him is nothing short of evil! Someone needs to step in and do something for him NOW!

  • Lyla

    sunder is due to be released by forest dept before June 1 st monsoon season to a sanctuary and after serving his mahout court papers for ownership we donot know where he is an he needs medical attention ASAP! can u please visit forest dept and post a medical report ASAP????? This elephants death will lay heavy on India and anyone ever in contact with him that didn’t try to help a helpless animal!!! If it was you wouldn’t you want ppl helping not leaving you or ignoring issue?

  • zee100

    Time to stop waiting for slobs who obviously have no intention of following through. Get a SWAT team, fly over, simply cut the chains and free Sunder while the team guards him, then fly him out!

  • Mary Pudsey

    I wish to God I had the money to buy this elephant out of this miserable place. I would not hesitate-money is a great lever, and would be the means to a great end of suffering for this poor boy.

  • Ginger Dickson

    Please get this elephant to a sanctuary.

  • JoEllen Coryell

    Please remove Sunder from those vile conditions and get him a handler who isn’t afraid of him. WHY IS HE STILL IN CHAINS???? For God’s sake he should be away from those evil monsters by now. PLEASE GIVE US AN UPDATE ON HIS WHEREABOUTS. THIS IS TAKING FAR TOO LONG. PLEASE ANSWER!!

    • Kim

      Joellen…Sunder has been transferred to a rehabilitation facility on June 6, 2014. Yay!!!

  • Jeannie Frangione

    I find it unconscionable that anyone in a temple that allows/condones the abuse of any animal can claim that they are a “priest”!!! They are all nothing short of cruel, wicked, heartless, selfish people who should never be allowed the privilege of owning such magnificent creatures. The fact that they “resisted giving the Rahat team access to Sunder” means that THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS WRONG, and those so called “priests” apparently don’t want the rest of the word to see the abuse THEY HAVE ALLOWED!!! Every one of them should have to endure the exact, same abuse the have inflicted on Sunder! May they all be beaten & chained for the rest of their lives, and then go straight to HELL!!!

  • theresa kaul

    please know that this still isn’t enough for Sunder….please give him a home in a sanctuary…this is very heartbreaking to me.

  • Albagnacd


  • Nicola Richardson

    Sunder is supposed to have been moved as ordered by the courts to WRCC, but this still has not happened ….even to this very day – he is being abused. It appears and this is my own speculation that the authority who gave Sunder as a gift is preventing the shift to SAVE FACE. Regarding Sunder and his condition, physically he is loosing the battle, emotionally – I can not even imagine what he is going to do with his rage against the human race …. we have damaged him and taught him to HATE. More people please support Sunder – all contact information is available on Facebook – at FREE SUNDER NOW.
    Thank you.

  • Kim

    Just to update everyone.
    Sunder has been transferred to a rehabilitation facility on June 6, 2014. Yay!!!

  • Janet Cope

    Thank God Sunder is away from those monsters at the temple. That is unacceptble to treat an animal that bad. These people are monsters and need beat themselves and lay in pain just like poor Sunder did. Get these monsters and punish them.

  • Janet Cope

    Thank God Sunder is away from those monsters at the temple. That is unacceptble to treat an animal that bad. These people are monsters and need beat themselves and lay in pain just like poor Sunder did. Get these monsters and punish them.

  • v.b.anandkumar

    all the best….SUNDAR’,,,,,,,,,,,

  • S Premkumar

    Sad – and we hindus have the audacity to claim our religion forbids violance. Curses on jotiba temple & the rascals who run it

  • Danielle

    I actually hate so many people !!!! How could anyone do this , so disgusting , I would die to save an animal , who ever does this to any animal I will kindly bash them liel they did see how they like it . Why is our world full of greedy , ugly , demons I wish our world was in peace and animals were happy with ther families . Human race had screwed everyone up and the new inventions of technology which become globalised . We are destroying our world and the beautiful things in it that can create a good relationship with . Far out I’m so angry !!!’nnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! Stuff you owner

  • Martha

    Please can’t we bring him to the san diego santuary he would be happy there with other elephants love you sunder may god be with you! and be safe

  • Bobster

    Thank you Animal Rahat for helping the helpless . We people need to implore our representatives in Parliament to make legislation condemning animal abuse with appropriate punishment. Like cut the hands off shark fin fisheries participants .

  • Bobster

    A temple , a place of refuge, of peace, of comfort .to be associated with such a disgraceful history of animal abuse . Oh India , you need to find an elephant whisperer . Someone to help handlers understand their elephants and nurture them