Imagine being so hungry that you resort to rifling through the trash, hoping to find something—anything—to eat.

A sweet village dog in India found herself in exactly this predicament and then one even worse: Hoping to reach some crumbs at the bottom of a jar, her head became stuck inside. She suddenly couldn’t breathe properly—and she couldn’t see, either!

This dog’s head was stuck inside a plastic jar, making it a matter of life and death.

Thankfully, a kind person saw her struggling and called Animal Rahat.

The team raced to the dog’s side, caught her in a net, quickly sedated her, and freed her head from the jar. They then carefully destroyed the jar so that no other dogs would find themselves in such a dangerous situation.

After the dog is sedated, a member of Animal Rahat’s rescue team removes the plastic jar from her head.

The team lifted her into Animal Rahat’s ambulance and took her to their Solapur office, where they made her a comfortable bed and, when she awoke, provided her with the food she had been searching for—well, better food!—along with water and affection. They also spayed her the next day. When she had recovered from her surgery and was feeling spry, she was taken back to her home turf, right where she had been found. She was no longer hungry or scared and was able to breathe freely once again.

Following a spay surgery and rest, she is released into her home territory.