One of the many atrocities perpetrated on India’s cattle is the castration of bulls with no anesthesia. As if it were two centuries ago, it’s customary in rural India to force 2- to 4-year-old bulls to the ground, tie all four of their legs together, and then use a crude tool, even a pair of bricks, to crush the testes’ vessels and nerves—all without any pain relief whatsoever.

Animal Rahat is working fervently to bring bull castration methods into the 21st century. This past month, it held a training workshop for 39 government veterinarians on field anesthesia techniques that allow for a painless procedure. In addition, the team holds outreach meetings on this subject in different villages every month. Last month, it held 10 such meetings, reaching 149 bullock owners. And this past month, Animal Rahat used anesthetics to castrate 26 young bulls, sparing them unimaginable trauma.