This image shows dog Onir ensnared in barbed wire.

Onir was ensnared by barbed wire—every move he made caused it to sink deeper into his skin. Animal Rahat to the rescue!

This angel was desperate to escape, wailing as he struggled against the barbed wire eating into him. After the rescue team sedated Onir and carefully began to untangle him from the jagged mess, they found the barbs had become painfully embedded into his leg. Luckily, he was sleeping peacefully while they worked, and afterward, they drove him to the nearest field office, where the veterinarian cleaned his wounds.

Onir awoke to a barb-free, bandaged leg, and soon, his tail was wagging! Over the next several days, staff gave him lots of grooming sessions, nutritious food, and affection. He was taken back to his village once he was completely healed—but not before he was neutered and vaccinated!