While their mothers may have endured terrible hardships before being rescued, you wouldn’t know it from the way the four donkey foals at the Sangli sanctuary happily frolic through life.

The image on the left is of Snow White and her mom, Rohini. The image on the right shows colt Kaliya and his mom, Maya.

The image on the left shows donkey foal Daya and her mom, Anika. The image on the right shows donkey foal Naina and her mom, Maina.

Snow White loves to spend most of her time with her mom, Rohini, but she also enjoys playing with Kaliya and Naina, other foals growing up with her. When she’s especially happy, she brays loudly to encourage them to romp around the sanctuary’s roundhouse with her.

Daya, another foal (whose mother is Anika), has started to venture out to play among the other residents at the sanctuary, too. She loves to make friends and graze with the many bullocks, horses, and ponies there, and her best friend is pony foal Rudi.

This image shows sanctuary resident Rudi, Daya’s best friend.

Kaliya and Naina are a bit shy, and they often stay with their mothers (Maya and Maina, respectively) while inside the sanctuary’s roundhouse. Watch this endearing video of these two foals and Snow White, frolicking with one another.