Now that the monsoon rain clouds have moved on and the roads have dried, Animal Rahat’s great big move of 2023 has gone into high gear and the major shift is almost complete!

Panic struck when the Supreme Court of India issued an order to move all domesticated animals out of a nearly 5,000-acre elephant corridor—a tract of land that happened to run straight through Animal Rahat’s sister sanctuary. Staff arranged to make all the displaced animals a new home at the Gundlupet sanctuary, but the court order came during the monsoon season.

The never-ending, torrential monsoon rains delayed everything, including the procurement of construction materials, food supplies, and other necessities. Crews worked whenever they could get materials, and eventually, the sheds, troughs, and everything else that was needed was ready for these wonderful animals.

When they arrived, in three separate transport missions, the donkeys raced about, exploring every corner of their new home, and they’ve already made fast friends with the other retired equines who live there. They may not have known what was ahead when staff loaded them into the transporter, but now they’re rolling on their backs in delight at their new home!

A donkey happily rolls in the dirt at the Animal Rahat sanctuary in Gundlupet.
This happy fellow rolls in the dirt after arriving at the sanctuary!

And staff couldn’t let them arrive without a proper Animal Rahat welcome, so the caretakers made them edible flower garlands and served them fresh vegetable treats.

A donkey wears a garland of edible flowers that staff prepared for his arrival at the sanctuary.
A total of 125 newly relocated rescued donkeys are loving life at the Gundlupet sanctuary.

Now that the donkeys have settled into their new digs, there will soon be an update for you about the sheep and goats staff are moving from the elephant corridor to the sanctuary in Sangli. Their five-star accommodation is almost complete, and they’ll be leaping about with the other residents soon.

Goats who will soon be moved to the Animal Rahat sanctuary in Sangli stand beside one another.

Animal Rahat needs your help! The shed required to accommodate the goats and sheep is an unplanned expense. Please donate today to help these fellows have a smooth transition to their new home.

Home Sweet Home