This image shows a dog at the bottom of a well and an Animal Rahat rescuer at the bottom of the well preparing to rescue the dog.
SOS! Frantic cries coming from the bottom of this 30-foot dry well alerted nearby villagers.

For three long days, villagers tried everything they could think of to help the dog who’d fallen down this well, with no luck. Then, thankfully, a friend of Animal Rahat got word of the situation and knew exactly whom to call. Animal Rahat to the rescue! Soon, the team was anchoring rappelling gear to a large tree and zipping to the bottom of the narrow well. The beautiful dog was grateful to be lifted from amid the trash down there and rode with the team to the nearest sanctuary for trauma recovery and bowls of food and water. Somehow, perhaps by scrambling and holding onto rocks on the way down, she wasn’t injured during the terrifying tumble. Before too long, her tail was wagging! Staff spayed and vaccinated her, and after more rest, food, and tail wags, they took her back to her village.