One image shows an Animal Rahat rescuer helping the kid goat out of the well, and another shows the mother goat with her kid above ground.
Mama’s affection erases the nightmare of the well’s dark confines.

This mother goat went into a panic after her curious young daughter ignored her bleats to stay close by, alerting their owner to the fact that something was dreadfully wrong. The youngster’s solo adventure had turned into a terrifying ordeal when the ground vanished beneath her hooves, plunging her 90 feet into the depths of a well. The team raced to the rescue and rappelled to where she clung precariously to the slippery rocks above the water. Her mother watched as the rescuers pulled her kid safely above ground. She couldn’t get to her baby fast enough, but the rescue team had to ensure that her child wasn’t injured first—then a joyous reunion marked the end of a harrowing ordeal.