This image shows goats being welcomed to the Animal Rahat Sangli sanctuary.
Sixteen playful goats and four gorgeous sheep are enjoying life at the Sangli sanctuary.

The Great Big Move of 2023 is complete! You can imagine how panic-stricken Animal Rahat was when the Supreme Court of India declared that the land housing a sister sanctuary was to become a protected elephant corridor and that staff needed to quickly find another paradise for the nearly 200 animals the group was housing there. With members’ support, staff first transported the donkeys to the Gundlupet sanctuary. Once they were settled in, they carefully transported the sheep and goats—all truly jolly individuals—to the Sangli sanctuary. Animal Rahat is delighted to report that they’re happy with their peaceful new digs—and are leaping about and being naughty, of course!

This image shows four goats grazing in the sanctuary field while another looks at the camera and two others on their hind legs nibble at branches on a tree.