Animal Rahat’s persistent persuasion and firm negotiations secured at-home retirement for six senior bullocks. These gentle souls are now beneficiaries of the group’s work with farmers throughout its rural service areas, where bullocks are forced to toil in fields under the hot sun by owners often too poor to afford even basic veterinary care.

This bullock is enjoying his retirement at home, thanks to Animal Rahat’s work.
Animal Rahat provides free veterinary services, including painless castration—something most farmers have never seen or realized was possible—and demonstrations that cover everything from proper hoof care to adequate rest and suitable living conditions, and the group encourages bullock owners to let their animals retire and use tractors instead. When bullocks are retired at their homes, Animal Rahat’s team ensures that there are proper living quarters and secures a pledge that the animal won’t be replaced with another, younger bullock. In return, the team stays in touch with the farmers and helps with the bullocks’ care.

This farmer has replaced two bullocks with this tractor, thanks to Animal Rahat’s work to make bullocks’ lives better.