An accidental fall into a deep water tank was minutes away from costing a terrified dog his life. With no way to scale the tank’s smooth concrete walls and nothing for him to cling to, he was swimming endlessly to keep his head above water. If he became exhausted and stopped for more than a moment, he’d drown.

This dog was swimming for his life after tumbling into a water tank.

Luckily, someone heard his frantic barks and immediately knew what to do: They contacted Animal Rahat, whose team members rushed to the scene and scooped him out of the water.

An Animal Rahat team member reaches the frantic dog with a net and pulls him out of the tank to safety.

Back on dry land, the dog quickly warmed to his rescuers. He wagged his tail with joy as the team dried him off and groomed him. They noticed that he had a few cuts from his desperate attempts to escape, so they took him to the office for treatment. After that, he happily devoured a meal and settled down to rest from his near-fatal ordeal.

Back at Animal Rahat’s field office, the dog ate and rested after his traumatic experience.

The happy dog cheerfully greeted the staff the next day. The veterinarian sterilized and vaccinated him and gave him a couple of days of rest, affection, and attention before returning him to his village.