Finding enough food to survive is a constant challenge for community dogs like the rail-thin mothers and their hungry pups below. With shops, roadside stalls, and restaurants closed and humans in lockdown, sources of the food scraps that they depend on have dried up, leaving many animals in danger of starving.

An Animal Rahat staff member provides a mother dog and her tiny pup with food.

An underweight mother dog and her puppies share a bowl of food from Animal Rahat.

Dogs who were born on railway train platforms and live at the stations depend on commuters to look out for them, but trains aren’t running now. So there’s no one to get a handout from.

An Animal Rahat staff member wearing a protective mask helps a hungry "railway dog" in an empty train station.

Animal Rahat has ramped up its search for hungry street dogs and other desperate animals, including bulls who wander the streets and were used to eating from stalls or being fed by Hindu devotees who believe it’s a religious act to give them fodder. Scouts who search communities for sick, injured, or abandoned animals are now carrying extra food for all the animals with empty stomachs.

A hungry bullock eats a meal provided by Animal Rahat while accompanied by another bullock and a tiny dog.

A street dog savors affection from the Animal Rahat scout who brought him a meal, while a nearby dog focuses on the food placed in front of him.

An Animal Rahat team member wears a mask as he feeds a hungry cat.

Street dogs work on the meals that an Animal Rahat scout provided. One of the dogs enjoys some affection from the scout while she eats.

Are dogs or other animals in your neighborhood going hungry because regulations have cut off their food supply? You can help them by putting out food and fresh water or by donating bags or cans of food to your local animal shelter or food pantry.

An Animal Rahat staff member stands guard as these dear puppies share the meal that he provided.

Don’t forget that Animal Rahat needs you! Please make a gift to help feed even more hungry dogs and support all the group’s other essential work for suffering animals.

A group of excited street dogs gathers around an Animal Rahat staff member as he prepares their meal.

Animal Rahat staff members seek out hungry dogs like these.