This horse was being made to take part in a baraat—a traditional procession in which the groom rides a white mare to the ceremony, accompanied by a very loud band and dancing guests. The horse is forced to cope with the cacophony of the trumpets and drums and the people dancing frenetically around her, and she herself is made to “dance” by repeatedly lifting her front legs up and down—the training can be barbarically cruel. To keep her under control, the handler was using a viciously spiked bit (pictured below), which was digging into her tongue and lips, causing a trickle of blood to seep out of the sides of her mouth.

Animal Rahat confiscated the bit, explaining that such vile devices are illegal. The horse also had a swollen leg caused by the tightness of one of the decorative wraps, which the team loosened. Over the next two days, the team confiscated two more almost-identical spiked bits. While these dear horses got some relief, Animal Rahat’s goal is to stop the use of these bits altogether.