When it comes to animal rescues, timing can mean everything—just ask a lucky donkey named Lavender.

Lavender’s mother spent long days hauling massive loads at one of India’s many brick kilns. For years, she struggled to carry more than 200 pounds of bricks at a time, straining under the scorching sun with little chance for rest—and often without adequate food and water. The work is so exhausting that donkeys have been known to drop dead from the ordeal.

Thankfully, she survived long enough for her to be rescued through Animal Rahat’s mechanization program.

It was during her post-rescue exam that an Animal Rahat veterinarian discovered that she was pregnant. Soon afterward, she gave birth to a spunky, precious foal the team named Lavender.

A young Lavender stands with her mother.

By rescuing her mother in the nick of time, Animal Rahat ensured that Lavender will never know the pain and suffering of life in a brick kiln. Instead, she can relax and relish life, playing and grazing in lush fields with her mother and enjoying the safety, comfort, and care that she would have been deprived of in a brick kiln.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because we first introduced you to Lavender last year, when she was just a tiny, frolicking foal stealing the hearts of everyone who watched the video about this remarkable rescue. Since then, she has been busy growing up into a beautiful donkey who is savoring life in a sanctuary far from any brick kilns and with many other happy, rescued donkeys.

A grown-up Lavender strolls around her sanctuary home.

Stay tuned for more updates about Lavender from the Animal Rahat team, who are responsible for her lifetime care—as well as the care of her mother and the 74 donkeys who were rescued with them on that fateful day. You can join this life-changing team by sponsoring a donkey today!