This village dog held his anxiety in his hunched shoulders and flattened ears, which alerted neighbors to take a closer look at him. That’s when they saw he wasn’t able to close his mouth. A bone fragment had become tightly wedged in his back molars, making it impossible for the poor dog to eat or drink.

This dog was terrified and had a bone stuck in his teeth.

How we wish we could tell the thousands of animals Animal Rahat has rescued why the team is approaching! But the team’s patience, kindness, and compassion eventually shine through to calm even the most terrified clients.

The dog was wary, so the rescue team caught him in a net, sedated him to help him relax, and gently removed the bone.

Animal Rahat’s rescue team carefully pulls the bone out of the dog’s mouth.

Luckily, his mouth and gums were unharmed, and large bowls of food and water at the office got his tail wagging again! He was neutered and vaccinated before being returned to his village, where he promptly found his pack, who greeted him with friendly licks and nose bumps.

Animal Rahat is deeply appreciative of the kind humans throughout Maharashtra who have answered its pleas to look out for the vulnerable among us by providing food and water and alert the group when someone is in trouble. Animals’ lives are hard, but kindness prevails!