Officials are predicting record-high sugar production this season, making Animal Rahat’s outreach to bring relief to the animals forced to toil under heavy carts more urgent than ever.

Animal Rahat’s consistent and persistent visits to sugar factories year after year have changed the world for weary bullocks.
Animal Rahat teaches the importance of providing animals with regular grooming, clean water, nutritious meals, and more. The team’s presence at the factories also allows them to ensure better working conditions and remove torturous nose ropes and other crude devices that inflict pain.

With the help of trained volunteers, the group held informative meetings at sugar factories throughout Maharashtra for 94 participants in one month. It’s this type of outreach that leads to the rescue and retirement of many more bullocks, like Kishan and Jay. The pair was being forced to haul heavy carts while suffering from horrid hoof-and-mouth disease. Today, they are two healthy elders enjoying their senior years, demonstrating the value of every conversation the teams have with owners.

Meeting attendees listen attentively as an Animal Rahat staff member talks to them about proper healthcare for bullocks, such as regular hoof maintenance and removing nose ropes.