Animal Rahat is committed to changing the attitudes and practices that can lead to animal suffering – and one of the many ways it does this is by holding regular workshops with donkey owners during which staff members share their expert advice on proper grooming, hoof trimming, and wound care.

A donkey rescued by Animal Rahat.

Regular grooming sessions are important because they can be a bonding experience between a donkey and their owner. These sessions can help relax the donkey and make them feel more trusting toward the owner rather than fearful and anxious, and it can also help keep the donkey’s skin free of ectoparasites. It’s also a chance for owner to check for wounds, hot spots, and bites that may require treatment.

An Animal Rahat expert demonstrates the proper way to groom a donkey.

Hooves that don’t receive care and trimming can be quite painful, so educating villagers on what to look out for can stop a tremendous amount of suffering.

An Animal Rahat expert demonstrates proper hoof care.

Another form of outreach performed by Animal Rahat’s staff is advocating for mechanization. Animal Rahat works directly with brick-kiln operators and owners who exploit donkeys for labor. Donkeys are hit and goaded to haul enormous loads of bricks in the unrelenting sun, without breaks or food, water, or rest. Bearing these burdens leads to painful chafing wounds, injured joints, exhaustion, dehydration, and even collapse – these ailments are left untreated, leading to other issues and sometimes death. Replacing the donkeys with eco-tractors is a win-win solution.