Full of boundless energy and curiosity, this tiny puppy wandered away from his mother and siblings, curious to find out what was on the other end of the large pipe shown here:

A puppy entered through the larger pipe, but he couldn’t get back out.

He soon found out when he reached the end and tumbled into an empty chamber. When he wasn’t able to go out the way he came in, he started howling with all his might. Luckily, Animal Rahat’s teams are prepared for anything—like shoveling through layers of dirt and using a pickaxe to break open a sealed chamber to save the puppy’s life.

An Animal Rahat rescue worker uses a pickax to break open the sealed chamber.

When they opened the lid, he was sitting at the bottom, staring up at his rescuer, wide-eyed and now quiet. Such a brave little boy! After getting him out, blocking off those pipes, and checking him over, they reunited him with his concerned mother. The team will be back once the puppies are older to spay, neuter, and vaccinate the whole family.

After rescuing the puppy from the chamber, Animal Rahat reunited him with his family.